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Seaweed / Laver / Nori / Gim

YangBan Seweed
YangBan Seweed
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Product Description

YangBan Seweed


Toasted Seaweed / Laver / Gim - Korean name / Nori - Japanese name

Net Wt. 0.07oz(2.1g)  x  6 Packs  

Product of Korea (South)

Manufacturer:    DongWon F&B


Product Description

'YangBan Seaweed' has been roasted with sesame oil and salt.

- Usually used as a wrap for sushi, miso soup, or just eaten plain as a snack.

- A great side dish to any meal, with a fresh hot bowl of rice.

- As a high mineral content and is a good source for iron, calcium, fiber, and many different types of vitamins.

- 'YangBan' means 'Royal way'


Enjoy our seaweed as an exciting side dish with cooked rice or as an exotic topping on your healthy meal, salad or noodles.


You just found our Seaweed !  Now its time to make sushi!


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