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Sulloc Chrysanthemum Tea

Sulloc Chrysanthemum Tea
Sulloc Chrysanthemum Tea
Item# KT-04-013

Product Description

Sulloc Chrysanthemum Tea

The subtle scent of chrysanthemums in your tea cup.

0.5g  x  20 Teabags   

Product of Korea (South)


Manufacturer: Osulloc


Enjoy medicinal chrysanthemums in a tea.


Product Description

Chrysanthemum Tea is made with 100% Korea-grown chemical-free chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemums has been known for rich vitamins and nutrients that help you relieve stress and calm your heart.   

Tea leaves cultivated in Sulloc Tea Field of Jeju are steamed in high temperature about 50-80 seconds longer than ordinary green tea to brew more easily in cool water.


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