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Original Korean Italy Towel

Songwol Fresh Shower Towel
Songwol Fresh Shower Towel
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Product Description

Songwol Fresh Shower Towel (Korean original) 송월이태리타올

Songwol Fresh Shower Towel (송월이태리타올)
SIZE: 28 cm x 98 cm
Made in Korea (South)

Visit: SongWol Towel

Exfoliating Body Towel

Original Korean 100% Nylon exfoliating wash cloth

Italy towels are not sold in Italy.
In Italy, the Italian does not make Italy towel.

Italy towel is bathroom towel nor shower towel.
Italy towel is a special thing in Korea people.

Do not rub skin too strongly.
Do not wash with chlorine bleach.
Please squeezed lightly by hand.

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