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Korean Premium Biscuit Gosomi

Premium Biscuit Gosomi
Premium Biscuit Gosomi
Item# KT-07-007

Product Description

Korean  Premium Biscuit Gosomi

NET. WT. 2.82 oz (80g)

Product of Orion /South Korea

Visit : Orion World/Gosomi


Product features:

  • Stresses Thinness and Lightness Premium Biscuit
  • Gosomi is a premium biscuit in which the nutty taste of sesame seeds is exquisitely mixed with sweetness. Sesame seeds and coconut achieve the ultimate nutty taste.
  • Gosomi comes in a size that is easy to grab and eat for anyone and is made thinner and crunchier.
  • The packaging is rounded for easy-grab and makes it easy for people to enjoy Gosomi anywhere anytime.


Smile with Gosomi and enjoy its sweet and nutty taste.

Incomparably delicious and nutritious, This snack is one of family snacks that can be conviniently enjoyed at home.


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