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Korean Mix Coffee Maxim Original 100 Sticks
Korean Mix Coffee Maxim Original 100 Sticks
Item# KT-12-001

Product Description

Korean Mix Coffee Maxim Original 100 Sticks
-Korean Instant Coffee Mix Stick
Net weight: 1,180 g (2 LB 9.62 oz), 11.8 g x 100 sticks

Product of Korea (South)
Manufactured by: Dongsuh Foods corp.

Visit : Dongsuh Foods Corporation



* Faster, Easier and Better taste
* Great quality of dried milk cream powder and Sugar
* Easy cut system (No need of scissor or your teeth)
* Convenience - Whenever you want, just pour hot water then it is there!
* Super Popular Coffee around the world from South Korea


Coffee, Sugar, Non-dairy cream

YouTube watch
English people try Korean Mix Coffee for the first time

YuTube Published messge

Hello! Did you know Koreans invented so-called "mix coffee?" Today we introduce Korean "mix coffee" to our tea-drinking English friends.
The culture of mix-coffee that you can find in about half of all restaurants in Korea is unlike anything I've seen anywhere

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