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Korean Ginseng Jujube Tea S

Korean Ginseng Jujube Tea S
Korean Ginseng Jujube Tea S
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Product Description

Korean Ginseng Jujube Tea S


7g x 20 Tea packs in sealed box

Manufacture: Korean Ginseng Product,Ltd.

product of Korea (South)

Visit: go to: Korean Ginseng Product,Ltd.


Insert a pack(7g) of Korean Ginseng Jujube tea into 7080ml(1 cup) of hot water and stir thoroughly.
Honey or sugar can be added on your preference.

– Main Ingredients
Enriched Korean Ginseng extract, Jujube extract, etc.

– Features
Korean Ginseng Jujube tea is a combination of Korean Ginseng, a speciality of Korea, and enriched Jujube extract so that both Jujube tea and Korean Jujube can be easily enjoyed at the same time. A great health tea for the modern generation with care.


Effect of Ginseng

* Increase physical and mental stamina

* Improve circulatory system function help adjust blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

* Helps prevent cancer development

* Improve respiratory system function and improve immunity and digestive function.

* Improve Kidney function, sexual stamina

* fight against impotency.

* Improve the appetite of children and adult.

* Help to lower blood sugar level and good for diabetes.

* Increases production of red blood cells

* Help to Central Nervous System, relieve nervousness, stress, depression and insomnia.

* Help to fight against drug and action chemical dependency.

* Prevents cellular damage from oxidation

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Ginseng is not a medicine or a drug. It is a natural food which contains more than thirty active ingredients working synergistically to produce ginseng's many health benefits.

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The sweet taste of the jujube tree's fruit and its talent at being able to withstand extreme temperatures contributed to its global embrace and departure away from an exclusive 4,000 year home in Asia.

Jujube tea derives from extracts after the fruit is boiled.

What Are the Benefits of Jujube Tea?
Energy Booster : Perhaps in part because of its reputed ability to clean out the body's obstructions, in addition to its high vitamin and anti-oxidant content, jujube tea is acclaimed by herbalists for it's ability to increase the drinker's energy and stamina, as well as help build stronger muscles. Ready-made energy drinks containing jujube are available for purchase, though the tea is just as easy to make.

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What Are the Benefits of Jujube Tea?


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