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HomeRun Ball Choco Big Gift Box
HomeRun Ball Choco Big Gift Box
Item# KT-07-218

Product Description

HaiTai HomerunBall KT-07-218

HomeRun Ball Choco Big Gift Box
NET WT: 5.15 oz (146g) x 3 Box

Product of Haitai Confectionery/South Korea

Visit : Haitai Confectionery


South Korea's most popular premium snack!
The homerun ball is a biscuit containing a chocolate cream in a soft shoe.
Everyone can enjoy the soft taste together.
It is packed in a tray and can be eaten anytime and anywhere easily.
Born in 1981.
Annual revenue: Over $ 100 million (Homerun Ball only)
You can enjoy the Bite-Size.
This snack is one of the family snacks that you can enjoy at the party.

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